Who are SAT project Ambassadors?

Teachers of scientific subjects who are familiar with the project-based method of work and interdisciplinary teaching of those subjects.

Who are we looking for?

The perfect candidate is eager to act, fully engaged in their work and has the ability to reach as many other teachers as possible. It is crucial that they can build interpersonal relations and are capable of sustaining those relations. Being creative, persuasive, open and energetic can also prove to be useful traits.

We aim to see each voivodeship host at least two of our ambassadors helping to bring our project out to the public. All Ambassadors will be equipped with educational materials in electronic form. Each of our new ambassadors will be contacted by the project chief via an online communicator (e.g. Skype), and will as well receive an instructional video that could be later used during meetings with teachers, e.g. at conferences or demonstrative lessons.

 What is expected of Ambassadors?
  • To carry out at least 1 demonstrative lesson (based one educational projects creating for the project) for the teachers in one’s respective city/region.
  • To organise a minimum of 2 meetings popularising the project’s results among other teachers from one’s region.
  • To carry on at least 1 educational project during class with one’s students.
  • To place SAT project’s banner on one’s school’s web site.
  • To invite teachers to like SAT project’s Facebook profile – thus informing them of the possibility of exchanging experiences with teachers from different voivodeships.
  • To support the project’s results’ promotion
  • To widen the project’s range
  • To create the best image possible of all of the project’s current and future actions
ATTENTION! All actions of our Ambassadors have to be properly documented. Above that an Ambassador should create photographic documentation of every lesson and then share it with Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN).
What is offered in return?
  • Certificates proving collaboration – possibility of individual adjustments
  • Invitations to events including experts’ lectures taking place in CBK PAN
  • Signing of partnership agreement between CBK PAN and Ambassador’s school allowing exposition of CBK PAN’s logo as an institution cooperating with a school
  • Instructional video